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Carina Sightings: Carina GT-R AA63 in 1995 video

Last sunday I posted some Touge drifting videos from 1995. The same user also uploaded a official drift video called Tuned Drift which apparently featured each month, just like Video Option once started.

The video contains only 3 seconds footage of a Carina GT-R AA63, but since it is ancient footage I did want to post the video anyway.

As you can see, it contains mostly Nissan Silvia S13s and 180SX RPS13s, a few AE86s and incidentally a Nissan Skyline R31, FC3S, Nissan Cifero A31 and a beaten up Toyota Chaser GX81.

One of the Levin AE86s (at 25 seconds) almost 100% resembles Wataru’s Levin in Initial D. Remember that Shuichi Shigeno only started drawing Initial D in 1995, so consider this pre-Initial D.

I must say that the Sprinter Trueno AE86 at 45 seconds is very nicely done. Actually it would still be very nicely tuned nowadays so it is definitely far ahead of its time!

JDM Carina GT-R (Celica Supra) rims

Found these 15 inch Carina GT-R rims (also featured on the Celica Supra and Soarer) on which look exactly like mine:
Carina GT-R rims on
Immaculate Carina GT-R rims on

detais Carina GT-R rims on
Details of the Carina GT-R rims on

clean Carina GT-R rims on
Clean Carina GT-R rims on

These rims are 15 inch, ET +20 so they are actually exactly the same as mine! I took the gamble that the 15 inch Celica Supra rims would be the same size/offset as the Carina and apparently I guessed right!

They cost about 37000 yen (300 euros) so I think the price of these rims are spot on!

Carina Sightings: Carina GT-R AA63 on Speedhunters

Some of you may already have read it, but Mike Garrett wrote about the HPI Tsukuba meeting on Speedhunters and wrote about a black Carina GT-R

Black Carina GT-R AA63 on Tsukuba circuit
Black Carina GT-R AA63 on Tsukuba circuit in the paddock

Black Carina GT-R AA63 on Tsukuba circuit drifting
Black Carina GT-R AA63 on Tsukuba circuit drifting

As you can see the Carina is pretty bashed up and misses its front airdam, grille, side indicator lights, and a foglight and one normal light on the left side. The driver must really use the car extensively. :)

It is also very nice to see something different than the mainstream white color.

And what I like most about the report is the following comment by Mike Garrett:
This AA63 Toyota Carina was part of the drifting group. These cars are fairly unknown as far vintage rear-drive Japanese cars go. I’d love to own one someday.
I hope that as well! :)

Images are courtesy of and were posted here earlier:

Carina sightings: Carina GT-R AA63 in Peru

Some time ago I already blogged about a Carina GT-R in Peru. I probably now found the sales adverts for it:

This is how the car looked:
Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 for sale in Peru, front side view
Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 for sale in Peru, side view
Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 for sale in Peru, original rim (Celica Supra rim)

It states that the Carina GT-R was located in Lima and that it only drove 9000 and 10000 kilometers. Looking at the engine, diff, interior and the state of the car I doubt that the last fact could be true. Should rather be 190000 and 200000 kilometers. ;)

As you can see the diff housing is leaking:
Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 for sale in Peru, diff leaking

And the engine is quite used and dirty:
Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 for sale in Peru, engine is dirty

And the steering wheel looks shabby, so it is quite used
Toyota Carina GT-R AA63 for sale in Peru, dash is dirty and steering wheel worn

According to the translation of this advertisement it is supposed to be owned by the 80 year old grandpa of the seller. Yeah right… ;)

Anyway, they asked 3999 (I assume Peru Nuevos Soles) for it which is roughly 1000 euros. Not bad! I would have bought it for that price!!

Celica Supra rims mounted on the car!

Yesterday evening I mounted the Celica Supra rims on the car!

Carina GT-R rims on the front rightside of the car
Carina GT-R rims on the rear leftside of the car
As you can see, the offset on the front is good, but on the rear the wheel hides in the fender. This is probably due to the axle being not wide enough for the car. Remember that the solid axle Carinas were featuring the same axle as the AE86 (Corolla) which is less wide than the Carina. I think I need some spacers now. ;)

Carina GT-R rims rightside full view
As you can see I need some lowering springs as well. The front has positive camber (!) and the rear is also a bit too high…

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