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Car chases: Abunai Deka full episode

Remember the Abunai Deka driving some Pontiac Firebird Trans Am? Well, the full episode has been uploaded by abunaideka1989 on Youtube. The episode starts a bit slow, but I really liked this second part:

First of all their 4 door Skyline R31 gets some bulletholes from an old geezer, then when they stop at a gas station they almost get run over by a RA45/TA45 Carina GT. :D
Lucky enough the Carina survives well! :P

Not enough car chases in that part? What about his fourth part with a lot of sideways action by a Cefiro A31:

Now if you really want to know how they end up in a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and how it ends, you can watch the whole episode here:
Abunai Deka full episode

Car chases: on the roof of a Nissan Gloria 230

How long can you hold on the roof of a Nissan Gloria 230? This car chase video shows you can for about one and a half minute:

The pickup used in the chase is a Nissan 620 Isuzu KB20 and its contents is a bit fragile… :D

Don’t know the exact name of this series, but it translates into the Metropolitan Police and it surely reeks of 70s detective series! :)

Car chases: Mitsubishi versus Nissan

Time for some more car chases! This time it is Mitsubishis versus Nissans!
Edit: embedding was disabled by the user. Click on the image to watch the video!

This video clip of Guerilla: Tokyo Police Group 8 shows what carnage a group of Nissans can do against the police Mitsubishis. Lucky enough Shou Kuramoto (chief Daimon in Seibu Keisatsu) kills off the rocket launcher. Unfortunately two perfectly good Nissan Gazelle S110s get killed instantly and the Cedric manages to survive a good 8 minutes. So the Mitsubishis prevail over the Nissans. Nissan versus Mitsubishi, 0 : 1.

Hilarious: American muscle is stronger than Japanese tin

Yesterday I already posted a car chase by the Abunai Deka and today I have another one! This time they swapped their regular Nissan Leopard Y31 for a second generation Pontiac Firebird Trans Am!

Now this is a perfectly good example why American cars are superior to the Japanese: you can empty your gun on a Trans Am and it will still be going as strong as when it left the Pontiac factory in the mid 70s! Now compare that to their regular Leopard: would they have survived at such an attack at all?

After four and a half minute of wrecking 20 to 30 perfectly good late 70s and early 80s Salary Men type saloons it comes to an end when the Trans Am finally escapes the junkyard. It must have been a wise choice of the director to pick the junkyard as the background of this scene: after wrecking 30 cars you can just leave them there! Saves a lot of trouble in logistics! Brilliant!

Car chases: chase the pedestrian

This car chase video actually starts with a Nissan Laurel C230 chasing a pedestrian. Apparently this woman is very scared of the Laurel (or its driver) and fakes being hit by the Abunai Deka Nissan Leopard.

After that an exciting chase between the Leopard and the Laurel starts!

A lot of cars can be seen in the background: at 0:28 a brand new Toyota Celica AT160 can be seen (parked next to an A60 Carina sedan!) and a few seconds later an A60 Carina coupe parked in the far background. And let’s not forget the white Honda Today at 0:56! Another white Carina A60 coupe can be seen at 2:03, a KE70 van at 2:06 and as a bonus a 300ZX Z31 at the traffic light!

Now can you name more than these cars?

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