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Rustheap junkyard – Japanese rustoseums

According to Daniel O’Grady from Wasabi Cars, rusty cars are slowly disappearing from the streets of Japan. This is mostly due to the increase in the price of steel and people actively knocking on people’s doors and offer to take them for free. Luckily I still have heaps of Japanese rustoseum photos in my drafts folder, so I have many more to post here on the blog before I run out of them!

This week we have a junkyard in the Kami district in the Miyagi prefecture. According to the blog poster, the owner doesn’t see it as a junkyard, but as a treasure trove!

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Toys: vintage Bluebird-U 2000GT RC car

Last week I stumbled across this Nissan Bluebird-U RC car by Bandai:
Bandai Nissan Bluebird U 2000GT RC car
It has dents all over it and the remote control doesn’t look that remote nowadays but back when it was new it was the best you could get!

Just imagine that the boy who used to play with this rare 2000GT hardtop coupe is now old enough to actually have owned several of them! If that is the case I probably already should have owned several 935s by now! :D

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Drag racing Nissan Laurel C230 and Bluebird 610

I’m not a big fan of drag racing but I can really appreciate drag racing beauties like the Laurel and Bluebirds in this video:

Apart from the 16 inch RS Watanabes this Laurel C230 doesn’t look too unusual. However when it does its run within 12.299 seconds that may be called quite respectable! The Bluebird 610 manages to do a 13.201! Not bad for 30 to 35 year old J-tin!

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