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How the Carina Jeune Back Sonar works – Carina Sightings

I have always been curious about how the Back Sonar of the Carina Jeune works. I mean, I know it works similarly to our modern parking sensors: ultrasonic sensors in the bumper and some processing unit calculating the distance. But how it actually operates in real life, I wouldn’t know. But lucky enough for you: I’m going to tell you exactly how in today’s post!

Toyota Carina SG Jeune brochure page September 1982
Toyota Carina SG Jeune brochure page September 1982

The brochure doesn’t tell us much more than that it is a back sonar parking aid. The Jeune TV ad does show us a bit more details:

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Carina Sightings: Carina Jeune remains young!

For a very obvious reason the Carina Jeune attracted my attention when I first read the 1984 Carina brochure.
Toyota Carina SG Jeune AA60
Displayed on this picture it may look a bit dull to you and you are right: it is a dull car!

The car itself is in immaculate condition:
Toyota Carina SG Jeune AA60
But even from this angle it doesn’t get any better. It remains an immaculately dull looking car…

So why am I so overly excited over a dull car? My excitement is about this device called a back sonar: Continue reading

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