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Would you buy a 166 dollar Toyota 3T-GTEU ashtray? – WTF?!

There are some questionable memorabilia that I own. Like for instance an unused official Toyota Carina notepad with Sonny Chiba and Kayoko Kishimoto riding on top of a 3A-II engine. Yes, that sounds more bizarre than it actually is, but I digress… I found this Toyota 3T-GTEU ashtray for sale on Mercari and I was stunned by its price: 166 dollars!

Toyota 3T-GTEU headcover ashtray looks accurate
Toyota 3T-GTEU headcover ashtray looks accurate

It does look very similar to the 3T-GTEU head. For comparison, here is an image of a Bond-girl hugging a 3T-GTEU engine:

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Brilliant: Soaring smokers

I found this brilliant ashtray on a blog about deep dished rims and I must say that the concept of uniting smokers with the 7M-GTE turbo engine of the Soarer MZ21 is a stoke of genius!
Soarer Super Turbo ashtray
Of course now 25 years later this ashtray has become a blast of the past…

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