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Car chases: Special Criminal Investigation Fairlady Z

This time a police series that actually was never broadcasted on television: Special Criminal Investigation (1989) was a game by Taito and was the successor of Chase HQ and succeeded by Chase HQ 2 (2006). The game itself was much inspired upon the infamous Abunai Deka car chases and featured two cops chasing criminals in a Nissan Fairlady Z Z31:
Taito S.C.I. Fairlady Z Z31 poster
Taito S.C.I. Fairlady Z Z31 poster

I can still remember playing the English version in the arcade halls back in the early nineties!

In case you are curious where the chases are, well here is a (two part) walkthough:

In other words: the heroes drive Japanese cars and the criminals drive foreign cars! :D

Found through: [R31 House @ Minkara]

Carina Sightings: Carina Vans in Abunai Deka chase

Last week I spotted an Abunai Deka episode featuring not only one Toyota Carina van, but actually three of those Carina vans! Enjoy the vans:

As you can see detective Takayama chases a silver Carina van, overtakes a white Carina van at 1:19 and finally stops the wrong silver Carina van in the end. Well, the leaf sprung Carina van was no match for the Suzuki motorcycle anyway… As far as I could tell at least two of the three vans were DX models, so either a TA67, KA67 or CA67.

Back in 1986 when the Abunai Deka series were shot (broadcasting was from 5th of October 1986 till 27th of September 1987) the Carina van was still sold, only to be discontinued in April 1988.

I was doubting if I should post this video in the Car Chase regular or the Carina Sightings. It (obviously) became the latter…

Hilarious: Deka renzoku cosplay

I’ve posted something about hilarious Cosplay (????) in the past and this one is just as funny as that posting: Deka renzoku cosplay! In other words: police series cosplay!
Deka renzoku cosplay: Seibu Keisatsu
Deka renzoku cosplay: Seibu Keisatsu

Yes, that’s the old Chief Daimon next to the Nissan 280ZX alright!

Deka renzoku cosplay: Seibu Keisatsu
Deka renzoku cosplay: Seibu Keisatsu

And what about his double next to the Gloria 430 then?

And people not only took characters from Seibu Keisatsu, but also from Abunai Deka:
Deka renzoku cosplay: Abunai Deka
Deka renzoku cosplay: Abunai Deka

Wait, is that detective Takayama next to the Nissan Leopard??

Deka renzoku cosplay: Abunai Deka
Deka renzoku cosplay: Abunai Deka

Yes it is!!

Dunno if this form of cosplay actually is called Deka Renzoku Cosplay, but I kind of found the words Deka (police) and renzoku (recurring series) together on another site and liked a combination of that! ;)

Car chases: Abunai Deka full episode

Remember the Abunai Deka driving some Pontiac Firebird Trans Am? Well, the full episode has been uploaded by abunaideka1989 on Youtube. The episode starts a bit slow, but I really liked this second part:

First of all their 4 door Skyline R31 gets some bulletholes from an old geezer, then when they stop at a gas station they almost get run over by a RA45/TA45 Carina GT. :D
Lucky enough the Carina survives well! :P

Not enough car chases in that part? What about his fourth part with a lot of sideways action by a Cefiro A31:

Now if you really want to know how they end up in a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and how it ends, you can watch the whole episode here:
Abunai Deka full episode

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