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Exhaust like a bird

When I was looking for some bosozoku style videos I came across an exhaust builder who creates exhausts for vans and places videos of the exhausts he built on Youtube. This video is one of those exhausts:

At first I thought it was only this video in which it sounded as a bird, but I tormented myself and watched (and heard) every single one of them and I can tell you all of them sound the same! 😀

I really think it is a piece of art and a big achievement to create such exhausts, but I’m pretty sure I would never want an exhaust on my car which sounds like a bird!

Youtube: legend of AE86

Just saw a new video posted by one of the people I’m following on youtube called “Legend of AE86“.

Unfortunately the poster does not allow embedding of his videos, so I can only place a link to the video and show you this screenshot:
Youtube movie: legend of AE86
Youtube movie: legend of AE86

The video itself does not contain any music (a bit boring!) but it does tell you the history of Levin and Trueno models and interviews some key persons in the AE86 world (who are they?). For instance I didn’t know for instance that the TE37 was the Levin and the TE47 the Trueno model. Funny they only did that with these two models, while all others (TE27, TE71, AE86 etc.) all have the same model code. One of the people interviewed is a mechanic/driver during the 80s and did drive the AE86 a lot.

Nice to see a documentary without the well known people, like Keiichi Tsuchiya for instance, and seeing some other information about the AE86 as well. 😉

In case you haven’t found the video yet, you can find it here:
[Legend of AE86]

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