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Video Friday: amazing Shuto Expressway C1 side-by-side driving (1986 versus 2023)

Two weeks ago I posted a video of the stunts of Shuto Kosoku movie on the Shuto Expressway. A few days ago I came across a relatively new video by Kamepo: the Shuto Expressway C1 loop driven in 2023 synchronized with footage from 1986! I have been a long time subscriber of Kamepo’s videos and I’m sure I have posted a couple of his/her videos over the years.

Shuto Expressway C1 inner loop
Shuto Expressway C1 inner loop in red
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Vintage video: Akita cruise in a Skyline Japan

I really enjoyed this vintage video from 1983 taken from the backseat of a Skyline Japan C210. The Skyline cruises around the Akita prefecture where you can see a lot of old Japanese cars (back then quite new): a Skyline C110, a Bluebird 910 and a Suzuki Fronte SS40 to name a few. Also quite a few car dealerships and parking lots are passed by and you can actually see some secondhand cars lined up that are considered rare nowadays.

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