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DOTS: Honda Prelude Mk2

While searching for a second hand summer ride I passed this lonely Honda Prelude Mk2 in an industrial zone:
Honda Prelude Mk2
Here in the Netherlands the second generation Prelude is nowadays almost extinct so finding one in a decent state was quite an encounter. I even made an U-turn for it!

Down on the Street: Shakotan Civic?

Last Friday I was commuting by car to my work and just got around the block of my house, spotted something in the left corner of my eye and slammed on the brakes real hard. Why? Well this is why:
Honda Civic Rota Shakotan
Yes, my eyes did not deceive me for a split second: I slammed my brakes for a set of Hayashi Street knock offs (They are genuine!) on this Honda Civic EG. :)
Still these Rota Shakotan (that’s what they are called) still look good on this Civic. ;)
Edit: they are genuine!

BTW: Don’t mind the bad quality of the picture: after the only parking spot that was left the day before was under a tree I found my car covered in bird-crap and I tried to make my side windows at least a bit more visible, hence all the fuzzy stuff in the picture. :o

Down on the Street: Datsun 260Z midget

The Datsun 260Z a midget? There must be some mistake, right?
Nope, totally wrong!
Datsun 260Z in Santa Clara
I shot this photo inside a parking garage in Santa Clara because it looked odd. Compared to the Jeep Cherokee XJ and Toyota Corolla E150 parked next to it the Datsun 260Z certainly looks like a midget!

Wait a minute? Is that seriously a Corolla?
Yes it is the USDM Corolla E150 and it surely grew almost as large as the kujira Toyota Crown S60 in the past 38 years. Both the 260Z and S60 came from the same era and a the world has changed since. If the Corolla could speak it would certainly say to the 260Z who is the underdog now? ;)

Down on the Street: Palo Alto Honda Accord CB

Also this photo of a Honda Accord CB was taken in the United States when I was visiting for the MySQL conference. We visited the Wallmart Superstore in Palo Alto as we were a bit disappointed last year by size of the normal Wallmart in Milpitas. We didn’t know there was such a thing as the Wallmart Superstore… They best way to describe it to my fellow Europeans: it is about as big as an Ikea! Yes, that huge!

Anyway, this Accord was parked in the parkinglot and I took three photos in total:
Down on the Street: Honda Accord CB
This photo is the only one that actually made it, the other two as pitch black (yes, so also around that black Accord! ;) )as the camera was being defunct again. Anyway, that problem should be solved now! :)

Down on the Street: Great Mall Nissan 370Z

Last week I attended the MySQL conference in Santa Clara (CA) as a speaker. I didn’t have much time to do fun stuff but I spotted some occasional cars parked around. This Nissan 370Z was one of them:
Down on the Street: Nissan 370Z
The car had a for sale sign at the rear window, so if you are interested you can probably find it somewhere parked at the Great Mall in Milpitas.

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