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Brochures: French Eterna Sigma in Spain

For some reason during the 80s the Japanese liked to portrait their cars in a foreign habitat, like they needed approval from the old world. The same happened to this 1980 Mitsubishi Eterna ?:
1980 Mitsubishi Eterna Sigma brochure
This Eterna ? is on French plates (Paris), RHD and portrayed next to a Spanish farmer and his mule (Sancho Panza) and against the Don Quixote white windmills.
What were they trying to say? That the Eterna Sigma is capable of attacking the giants (windmills)? Or that the Japanese advanced technology wise more than the Spanish (and the old world)? And why is the lady on the right drinking coffee? I honestly don’t know…

Found at Furudo Kai

Borchures: the super line-up!

Even though Japan was already using unleaded fuel in the early 80s Nissan still made a super line-up!
The Nissan super line-up
This brochure covers all 1982 models by Nissan, but they pictured the Bluebird SSS 910 (Z18E powerd), March K10 and Liberty Villa (based upon the Pulsar N12) at the cover. Personally I would have left out the Liberty Villa from this line-up and replaced it with something with a little bit more oomph like the Leopard, but I guess the Nissan board of directors thought otherwise. 😉

Very classy… It’s charming!

At least, that is how I would translate this page taken from a first generation Daihatsu Charmant brochure:
First generation Daihatsu Charmant
I would not expect Tomoko Ogawa to speak French, however the Charmant might have inspired her enough to take a language course. 😉

Brochures: Nissan Skyline VBC110 van

Some time ago I aquired a JDM brochure of the Nissan Skyline VBC110 van:
Nissan Skyline VBC110 van
Nissan Skyline VBC110 van

I spotted it on a local auction site for a cheap price. I can’t think any other way of how this brochure actually got into the Netherlands than with the help of a collector, but why it was sold for a decent price puzzles me…

Perhaps because a lot of people can’t appreciate the weird 70s lines of the Kenmeri Skyline?
Nissan Skyline VBC110 van
Nissan Skyline VBC110 van

I just love that thick C-pillar of the wagon! Imagine how big the blind spot of this wagon must be!

Nissan Skyline VBC110 van
Nissan Skyline VBC110 van

The interior is, of course, a lower grade than in the other C110s. Nevertheless it looks awesomely 70s!

And size matters:
Nissan Skyline VBC110 van
Nissan Skyline VBC110 van

What about having that Nissan Anti-Pollution System?
Nissan Skyline VBC110 van
Nissan Skyline VBC110 van

I have no idea what the NAPS anti pollution system is (probably means it got a hemi-head), but I think that became standard on all other Nissans over the years! 😉

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