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How cool can a Toyota Chaser JZX71 be?

Noriyaro posted some amazing pictures again! This time of a typically 80s boxy Toyota Chaser JZX71: Boxy 80s Toyota Chaser JZX71 drifting I do not agree with him that the car is bosozoku, it is more kyusha kai than bosozoku: it is lowered and it got stretched tires around deep dished rims. No further bosozoku…

How to fit stretched tires? Part2

A while ago I posted about how to fit stretched tires on those lovely 9 inch wide rims like this one on the Carina Firevan: Well, I found a video how to do it without explosions: Pretty nifty!:) Still, I think the fun factor of the explosion method a lot more appealing. 😉

How to fit stretched tires?

Ever wondered how they fit stretched tires on those fat 9, 10, 11 or 12 inch rims? Ever wondered how those wheels on the B?s?zoku, Kyusha Kai and Shakotan cars are done? I did after seeing this picture of the Carina Firevan: See for yourself here: What happens is that the tire is only fitted…