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Redesign and change of heart!

In case you are a regular you must have a big WTF?! by now… Yes, indeed not only did I just change the look and feel of the blog, I also decided the blogging software should be changed to WordPress.

Why? Well that’s quite simple: the old software was getting too complicated (I hacked a lot into it), outdated (less nifty features as WordPress), Facebook posting (still to be enabled) and the comment spam was getting worse and due to anti spam matters real comments were declining… So I decided, even though I’m very skeptic about WordPress, to rely on a system that works.

About the redesign: it is a fantastic theme called Custom Community by Themekraft. If you didn’t recognize the logo: it was inspired/borrowed by the Nissan Ken & Mary Skyline C110 advertisement campaign:
Ken & Mary stickers
Hope you will like the change as much as I do! ;)

BTW: if you encounter problems with old pages, please send them to me through the contact form. Also the blogroll will be extended to its original length later on.


Fuji Speedway:

Kaido Racers:
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Motorcycle gang:

Old cars:

Deep dish:

Tandem drift:

Chin spoiler:


Bamboo spears (exhaust)
Sharpened bamboo:

Mark II:
?? (butame)


kenmeri skyline:

skyline japan:

whale crown:



Found here

toyota carina:

SSR mark I/II
SSR ????

Watanabe rims:

Hayashi Street:


Ultra deep rim:

Shadow Spoke:

SSR Tomcat:

Used in:

Found at []


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trueno 3600 IN CNAME thuis
netra 3600 IN CNAME main
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wackystuff 3600 IN CNAME main
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proleet 3600 IN A
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Megadik blog

Some time ago I started the Megadik blog together with my Colleague Michiel.

Every morning Michiel and I were sending spam messages through our IM clients (MSN Live Messenger blocks after a while, so we continued in Skype or Spark (jabber client). However we kept seeing various spam e-mails more than once, only with a slight difference. So we thought it would be best to keep them on a blog. Main purpose of the blog was to make the spam we receive rediculous.

We don’t have many visitors yet, but that will come in due time. ;)

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