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Teaser: something special is coming up!

Just a small teaser of something special that is coming up: I did a photoshoot of a quite rare and special car and can you guess which car it is? tay tuned for the full photo series!

Marktplaats treasures: Low mileage Mazda RX5 (not even 1000km!)

This ad on Marktplaats (Dutch Ebay/Craigslist) really shocked me: a genuine Mazda RX5 with less than 1000 kilometer on the odometer! Obviously I contacted the seller and he confirmed the car is genuine. It never left the dealership and nobody has owned the car before and it was only used occasionally for a (very) short…

Amazing: young Daijiro Inada

Nori Yaro found this picture on Kawasaki’s blog at Doriten: Daijiro Inada at the age of 25 Amazing! Daijiro Inada used to be young! 😀 😀 Anyway, yet another blog to follow I guess. 🙁

Amazing: customized AE86 diecast model

At first I could not believe these two diecasts are customized and painted by hand: Initial D and Drift Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 But they actually are: Gee is doing a lot of diecast customization and he does it all by himself! See the details yourself: Use tape/gum to mask the panda scheme First he…