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WTF: Mitsubishi Pajero Jr Flying Pug

This was really a big WTF for me: Mitsubishi Pajero Jr Flying Pug – WTF?! No, it is not a modern London cab! And it is not a Riley Elf retro car based upon the new mini! (the old Elf was based upon the old one). No, it is the Mitsubishi Pajero Flying Pug! Mitsubishi […]

Manga Car Spotting: Initial D chapters 1 to 10

These are the drawings I used in the Manga Car Spotting video of Initial D: If you wish to purchase this Manga, you can find it here: Initial D book 1 by Tokyopop on Amazon Cars in this manga: Nissan Sunny van B11 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex Twin Cam 16 AE86 Toyota Carina ED […]

Lots of JDM classics in 1Q84!

As you may have noticed I haven’t been posting much lately. The main reason for this is because I’ve been selected as a presenter at the Percona Live MySQL conference in Santa Clara on April 12th. This takes a lot of preparation so I literally have no spare time left till the conference is over. […]

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