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Carina Sightings: My German Carina TA60 twin!

My Toyota Carina TA60 isn’t unique by itself. But over the years I have tweaked it a bit to my own liking by adding fog lights at the front, 15 inch Celica Supra rims all around and a few more bits and pieces as well. I was browsing earlier today through some photos taken by Eelco at the Japan Classic Sunday 2023 earlier this year. All of a sudden I spotted my very own Carina TA60, but then in blue instead of white!

My Carina TA60 in blue

Blue Toyota Carina TA60 at Japan Classic Sunday 2023

I had to blink twice to spot the actual difference on the tiny screen of my phone. What they have in common are the 15 inch Celica Supra rims, the seat belts in the rear (both were sold in Germany) and both have fog lights at the front.

Blue Toyota Carina TA60 at Japan Classic Sunday 2023

The twins are slightly different

From the rear you can see both are the DX (Deluxe) trim level. And that’s where the similarities end unfortunately. Because seeing it on a larger screen revealed to me immediately it doesn’t feature the passenger door mirror. Yes, that’s right: mirrors on the passenger side were not mandatory yet in 1982 and the penny pinching sales people at Toyota omitted to install one by default! Why you may ask? Simply to undercut the competition in price! That’s not what I call Deluxe!

I also noticed mine features a motorized antenna that extends automatically when you turn on the radio. Other differences are: I installed JDM Carina mudflaps, Soarer center caps, Carina AA63 GT-R steering wheel and obviously my rusty front fenders are missing. Oh, and also my de-laminated windscreen!

I did attend the Japan Classic Sunday this year, but by the time I arrived this beautiful Carina already had left the premises. I’m happy that Eelco took the effort of photographing it and therefore I was able to see it. Maybe if the owner of this German twin reads this post, please get in contact with me and we could try to set them side by side at Japan Classic Sunday next year!

You can see the entire photostream by Eelco here: Japan Classic Sunday 2023

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  1. Thomas Bacher

    That Carina is mine. If you want to get in contact you´ll find me in facebook and instagram

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