I wish you all a happy belated New Year for 2021!

Photo by https://www.instagram.com/akid_0831/

I shamelessly used Akio Watanabe‘s Carinazoku to make it a cheerful post!

2020 reflection

Last year my New Years resolutions were to post more on this blog. I did actually manage to post about six times but Covid really made it impossible to do more. What had the most impact to this shortage of time was the fact that I was forced to work from home since mid-March 2020. This meant I lost my commute time which I used to write blogs, make videos, post on socials.

At the same time we had two lock downs in 2020, which means with two kids at home I have to do homeschooling with my wife. And then in the evening we both have to compensate for the loss of worktime so there is hardly any time left to do anything.

But there is good news! First of all I started to scan all AE86 brochures I own, touch them up and translate them. This is a long process that is still a long way from getting finished. At the same time I decided to write a book, but like the scanning of brochures that’s also a long way from getting finished. But both are something I can do between stuff and stop immediately whenever I have to. (unlike editing videos and such)

2021 resolutions

I don’t think my resolutions for the upcoming year will be any different. I’ll try to pick up the blog posting again. One thing I love to do on Instagram is what I call doomscrolling. I basically scroll endlessly through all those Japanese rusty vehicles posted on Instagram and I really enjoy doing that. So who knows, maybe I need to post the best of those here and link to the original posters?