Regular readers know I have a weakness for the third generation Mitsubishi Mirage (which is also known as the Mitsubishi Colt outside Japan) because it was my first car. I guess everybody has the same thing with his/her first car… So of course I was very excited to watch this ’87 Mitsubishi Mirage cup race taken from an 1988 Best Motoring video (posted on Youtube by Rocketpencil):
1987 Mitsubishi Mirage cup
Of course my Colt wasn’t as quick as this the ones zooming over the circuit (mine actually featured the slowest 1.3 SOHC carb-ed engine) so I can only dream of what performance must have come out of the 4G61T powered Mirages. The specs on Wikipedia speak about the range of 200hp, so not bad for a 1.6 litre Twin Cam Turbo engine. ;)

Anyway, here is the video:

Oh and if you are interested in my favorite car from the late 80s: the Nissan Silvia S13 gets a very lengthy review by the people from Best Motoring including a cabrio special. Don’t expect any drifting in this video: that only started to happen a few years after this video was made…

Direct link to video: BEST MOTORING 1988-07②ベストモータリング 1988年7月号 ベスモ JAPANESECAR