WTF: New body panels for the AE86!

This is excellent news for the three door (aka hatchback) AE86 owners: Impulse AE86 started manufacturing new back panels for the three door AE86!
Impulse AE86 new 3 door back panel
Just imagine the work and effort they put into this product to reverse engineer a 30 year old complex panel like this and make it 100% identical!

In this video you can watch the actual pressing of the new panels:

As you can see they need to press it three times to get the panel 100% correct. You can read more on the product at Impulse’s website.

Now the only question remaining is where will it be available and what will it cost? I made my inquiry and will share it once received.

Direct link to video: Hachi-roku(AE86) body back panel for 3door pressing movie by IMPULSE.JPN