Just saw this video being posted on Facebook by Thomas Delien on the TACN Facebook page and it is a thrilling 5 minutes of footage from Peter Williamson’s Celica in the 1980 Bathurst race:
Celica RA40 at Bathurst in 1980
Peter Williamson was doing live footage for the Australian Channel 7.

You can really see how Williamson is struggling to keep up with the more powerful Ford Capris, but as his Celica is much lighter than the heavy Ford that it can brake later and catch up on them in the corners. Also his Celica is capable of a higher cornering speed so in the windy areas he is also gaining on the Capri. He comments that if can’t keep the speed up (due to lapping slower cars) he has great difficulty catching up again. Too bad the Celica had to retire after 129 laps as I would have loved to see him earn his position…

Who says old racing footage can’t be as thrilling as modern racing? :P

Direct link to video: Ford Capri v Toyota Celica Bathurst 1980