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Merry Christmas and a rustfree New Year!

Yes, that is no typo:
Merry Christmas and a rustfree New Year!
Merry Christmas and a rustfree New Year!

My automotive year ended quite badly. What turned out to be a very tiny hole in the rear inner fender on both sides proved to be a true nightmare: the tinworm struck again, ate its way through and instead of a white Christmas I’m actually seeing quite reddish now…
Lucky enough this is the only rust on the whole floorpan of the Carina as it has been creeping from inside out and not the other way around. So to prevent my Carina from becoming a rustoseum I’m having this fixed shortly after New Year and let’s hope it is a rustfree year for everyone! :)


  1. gred

    yea,hopefully i will have my favorit welded too soon,its in ok condition,but at one place its quite bad,someone screwed the rear fender change long time ago lol…

    • banpei

      Better weld it before it gets into the same state as my Carina then. ;)

      • gred

        on that place its already in worster condition…

  2. Thomas

    Merry Christmas to you too! And i know how you feel, allthough i have to scrap a car due to rust :P

    • banpei

      I kind of had that feeling before I sold my Trueno. The car needed some serious welding, so either sell, scrap or repair. In hind sight I should never have sold it anyway. ;)

  3. banpei

    Looks more like red swiss cheese to me! :D :D
    So are you in for the hunt for another Cappuccino?

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