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Happy birthday Skyline ALSI-1!

Today is my birthday and I was wondering what JDM car would share my birthday and started to search for it. Apparently it was quite hard to find as most release dates are only recorded on the month granularity.

So in the end I came up with the Prince Skyline ALSI-1 sharing partly my birthday:
Skyline ALSI-1
I’m not that old to be 55 yet and it may be uncertain it actually shared my birthday on the exact date, but at least if you shuffle the year of release a bit you will find my birth-year. ;)

Happy 55th birthday ALSI-1!


  1. Steve

    Hey, came across your site, and was interested to see a ALSI series Skyline, then noted your comment in regard to your birthday and then noticed the month…..April. I have a book about the Prince Skylines and Glorias which lists the release dates of each individual model, and guess what…..the Prince Skyline ALSI series was released during April 1957. Probably a little closer than what you thought :)

    • banpei

      Hehe, you uncovered my birthyear. ;)
      Just out of curiosity: could you make a picture of that list of the release dates of the Price lineup?

  2. Steve

    Forgot to add…I have 1962 Prince Skyline Deluxe BLSID-3. It is still part of the 1st generation as the ALSI series, but is the 3rd facelift/update of the same body shape. Funnily enough, the BLSI series were released during April 1962.

    Vid of my car

    • banpei

      What an amazing car! You are very lucky to find a car like that!
      I managed to find your car on ratdat:

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