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WTF: Monstertruck crushing a Skyline C110

We all know this little equation is right: Monstertruck + old cars = madness…
Monstertruck crushing a Skyline C110
But using (presumably) a Datsun 240K HGLC110 as crushing material equals sadness to me. ;(

According to the source it is in the Netherlands or Belgium. Since I don’t think the houses and streetsigns match any generic Dutch town it must have been the Belgians who were out of their minds in the early 80s. ;)


  1. ae101rulez

    Ouch..hurts quite alot especially since its the coupe 2 door version. what were people thinking then.

    • banpei

      I think they were thinking crushing worthless Japanese cars by an American monstertruck would be fun. ;)

  2. XRaider927

    hopefully there’s a skyline monster truck as a revenge….

    • banpei

      Could not find a Skyline monster truck, but its 240Z brother will take the revenge:

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