Remembering Japanese cars from the past

No more rotary powered cars

Reading about Mazda’s announcement no longer produce rotary cars made me realize we’ll never see these awesome cars anymore. Even the hydrogen RX-8 could not save Mazda’s rotary project…

Sayonara rotary engine!


  1. Killua

    But there’s still hope. If Mazda can successfully apply the new SKYACTIV technology in the rotary engine, then we may see a new Mazda RX in a few years! :)

    And I can’t stop playing that video… the sound is addictive.

  2. RX8 specialist

    Mazda has revealed the concept of new Rotary power car Mazda RX Vision, Hopefully we will again see the legendary Rotary Engine like Mazda Rx8, with whole new dimensions in the new Mazda RX vision car.

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