This Dutch commercial is trying to sell the Toyota Aygo to all Toyota owners with an additional 1500 euros trade in on any Toyota.

I don’t think it really needs a translation: basically back in 1978 the guy boasts about his Starlet and is inseparable with his little Toyota. During the years he and his Starlet gets mocked more and more. In the end he decides it is time for a new car, but only after Toyota offers the additional 1500 euros trade in.

There are some things wrong with this commercial: first of all the Starlet is a 1978 model, but a 1980 facelift model (also the registration of the car reveals it was registered 12th of September 1980) and second of all the Starlet would catch a nice 3000 euros on the second hand market, so the additional 1500 euros should then be on top of another 1500 euros trade in price. But they probably wouldn’t offer that much money for the Starlet. ;)