Back in 1987 when I visited my uncle in Australia he moved us around the Brisbane area in his Toyota Tarago before my parents rented a Holden Commodore VK. I thought the Tarago was much cooler to drive around than the Commodore: it had more room, better view, turnaround seats and most importantly aircon!

So I kind of liked this Australian Tarago commercial:

Funny thing is that according to this ad the bumpers passed the US safety regulations. Apparently the Australians really liked that big fat lip under the face of the Tarago. Personally I preferred the JDM/EU face with Carina-like headlights and plastic bumpers:
EUDM Toyota Van (MasterAce/Tarago)
EUDM Toyota Van (MasterAce/Tarago)

When I spotted a Toyota Van for sale earlier this year I was very tempted. I could constrain myself and someone else walked away with it. I met the lucky owner on the Japan Classic Sunday this summer and he takes really good care of the van!

And here is another Australian ad:

Is it a bullet? Is it a train? No! It is Tarago!