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Alternative Automotive Site of the Year Award

It is the end of the year and I see lots of sites being nominated for a Website of the year award. Personally I don’t really care about these kind of things since most sites that are nominated are too far off my own personal taste. Take for instance the Dutch nominees for “Automotive website of the year”:
Oldtimer Nederland – Basically a static page where you can find parts and repairmen, but anything Asian or Japanese is not included
Onderdelen zoeker – Find second hand automotive parts. Anything older than 20 years can not be found
Autoscout 24 – Find and buy second hand cars
Autotrack – Find and buy second hand cars (didn’t we cover that already?)
Autotrader – Find and buy second hand cars (another one?)
Marktplaats Auto – Find and buy second hand cars (yet another one?)
Gebruikte Auto – Find and buy second hand cars (come on guys!)
Autoweek – Website of the largest Dutch automotive magazine
etc. etc.

As you can see, not really my cup of tea between those nominees and, as I see it, not really exciting sites and definitely most of them are old fashioned sites that are not following trends. The same goes for the nominees in the UK (with the exception of Pistonheads being nominated) and in several other countries. Don’t these guys have any clue what is going on in the world??

So I thought: why not nominate a bunch of automotive sites by the community and have an alternative automotive site of the year award (ASS-YA in short :P ) handed out to any site that has been nominated and voted as best.

Nomination is quite simple and consists of three basic rules:
1. The site/blog/community needs to be automotive related
2. You can’t nominate your own site/blog/community
3. When you nominate a site/blog/community you have to state the reason why you think it should be nominated.

You can send in a nomination by sending me a short email complying to the rules above before the 15th of November. You can send it to: banpei [at] with the subject nominee Alternative Awards and I’ll take care of it. ;)

And because a blog post is nothing without pictures or video, here is a completely unrelated video:

Onboard video of a 4A-GZE powered hachi! :9

If you got distracted by this video: don’t forget to send in your nomination!!!


  1. Anonymous

    Can your blog participates in the voting?

  2. banpei

    Dunno, there is no rule against it. Personally I’m not in favor of running both the award and the nomination. But if anyone nominates my blog I guess it could get nominated… :D

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