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DOTS: Miata hunting! (part 12)

I just realized I almost skipped the Miata Hunt this month! :o

So here they are: a silver NB and two red NAs!
2009 Silver Mazda MX5 NB
2009 Silver Mazda MX5 NB

Yes, you read that right: 2009! When I looked it up I also had a big WTF…
I always look up info on the Dutch licenseplate registration, but that database contains weird things from time to time. My best guess is that the MX5 was registered in late 2006 (entries next to its registration show late 2006 as well) and when the car switched owners the record was wrongly updated in the database. However the NB was only produced till 2005, so there must have been some slow selling of the old stock due to the introduction of the new model. Still very confusing. :P

Another confusion was this 1991 red MX5 NA: it was parked about 10 meters from the spot normally another red Miata NA is parked!
1991 Red Mazda MX5 NA
1991 Red Mazda MX5 NA

The only reason I noticed was that this red NA is a MX5 and the other one is a Miata. Curious how I could make that difference so quickly? The Dutch law bides all domestic cars should have long plates, while import cars can have smaller plates if long plates do not fit (see also below). The MX5 clearly has the longer plates and that was quite unexpected when you pass the same car every day. ;)

Last but not least: another confusing Miata!
1992 Red Mazda MX5 NA
1992 Red Mazda MX5 NA

This one is another red Miata. You can see this one has smaller US-like plates.
First of all: this is about 500 meters from the one parked above, so I expected it to be the one that is normally parked at the spot in the picture above. It was not the same car, so that was another confusion…
Then when I was just about to leave I noticed the car was being used by some dad to pickup his son from cram-school. How cool is that?

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  1. B-san

    I <3 Classic Red NA's

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