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WTF: Toyota Sky-Levin BLRA-3

Now this was a big WTF for me: a Toyota Levin AE101 based Nissan Skyline BLRA-3 lookalike!
Toyota Sky-Levin BLRAE101
Toyota Sky-Levin BLRAE101

I can understand a replica car, or even a front end swap (hey, I like those things!) but a lookalike car of a 60s Michelotti design on a 90s car from even a different brand and call it a Sky-Levin? No sir, can’t make any sense out of that!


  1. BruneiClassic Celica

    now thats WTF????

    and I’ve added you to my Blog, add us too please

  2. B-san

    Isn’t that one of the creations of that Japanese coachbuilder “Ducks-Garden” who also makes Fairlady 2000 replica’s based on the Eunos Roadster?

  3. banpei

    Could very well be… They also created some bizarre areoparts for other cars in the past.

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