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DOTS: Miata hunting! (part 8)

Even though I have collected plenty of Miatas already to fill up another three parts I still want to keep this Miata hunt to one single Silver Miata I spotted:
Silver Mazda Miata
Silver Mazda Miata

The Silver Miata was parked next to an small industral zone with some car shops. Since I spotted it on a Sunday I don’t reckon it was parked there by one of the shops and since I also just spotted earlier on some guys fixing up an old Celica on a driveway around the corner I suspect it is owned by one of them…

As you can see the Miata had a small bump on its nose but apart from that I must say this a nice looking Miata! It is not the looks I like, but rather the, I hate to say this word, stance of it. It has been dropped till the tires barely hit the fenders and, even though it does not have massive camber nor very wide wheels, it looks very nice this way! Only thing I would change were a bit wider wheels to fill the fenders to the max…

The Miata is owned by a member of the Dutch MX5 Club:
Silver Mazda Miata
Silver Mazda Miata

I did have a look on the MX5 Club forums, but I haven’t been able to track down the owner. Perhaps anyone around recognizes the car?

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  1. B-San

    Nice NA. So now and than I’m active at the Dutch MXOC forum but I can’t recall seeing this NA pass by. Might be a sticker from an ex-owner. :) When I was on the hunt for my NA 8 out of 10 Roadsters had a MXOC sticker on it. ^^

    But it sits very nice indeed altough I’m not a fan of the wheels. And an OEM lip would suit it very well ^^

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