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Commerical time: the new Nissan Skyline GC10

Remember I posted about the DVD with all the JDM Skyline commercials on it? Well, someone already posted up the Skyline GC10 part on Youtube… After yesterdays shoebox gem GC10 advertisement I thought it would be very nice to post it up immediately today!

La la la la laaaa!
Damn, commercials were cheesy back in the late 60s! Lucky for us the Skyline itself wasn’t that cheesy! ;)

Personally I like these GC10 commercials better than the famous GC110 Ken&Mary commercials (note that a young Ken and Mary already star in some of these commercials!). Perhaps it has to do with the sporty image of the GC10 model range?

The same user uploaded a few other Skyline commercials as well, so I will post them spread over the upcoming week!


  1. B-San

    Great to see these old CM’s. Never knew Ken & Mary were already known before the “Kenmeri”…
    Shame there was no Hakosuka CM to be seen. Now “that” would have been great to watch =^.^=

  2. banpei

    To make up for the Hakosuka CM, how about a Hakosuka catalogue then?
    Yum yum! :9

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