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Nissan Skyline R32: all models together

I found a bunch of Nissan Skyline R32 catalogue scans and thought it would be a great idea to glue them together into one single image. So behold the whole Nissan Skyline R32 range:
Nissan Skyline R32 all models
Nissan Skyline R32 all models

I never knew there was so much variety in the Skyline R32 range! I thought it only consisted of the GTS25, GTS-T, GTS4, GT-R and (of course) the GT-R Vspec. So the GXi, GTE and GTS models were quite a surprise to me…
Also funny to see how they used the lights to accentuate all other cars in the range to have the same widened fenders as the GT-R.

BTW: reminds me I still have to copy-paste such an image of all Silvia Generations


  1. Dave

    Cool chart, never knew there were so many models either! The GTS Type S model is very common in New Zealand, both 2 door and 4 door.

  2. banpei

    Even though the GTS Type S is not as very impressive spec-ed as the GTR I still love to have one as a daily! :)

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