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WTF: duck tape 2 way LSD

I already knew duck tape was an indispensable tool for most car enthusiasts, but this usage is way beyond of what I thought would be within sanity levels:
Duck tape 2 way LSD
Duck tape 2 way LSD

So, who needs a Cusco or Kaaz 2 way LSD anyway? I hear the new duck tape LSD is the way to go! ;)

BTW: I have no idea or recollection of where I found this pic… So whoever shot this pic: you definitely deserve the credits! :P


  1. Pedro

    Wow, that is incredible! Now the question should be: does it work? :D

  2. kyteler

    It’s ‘duct’ tape, btw.

    Though you can no doubt use it on ducks, it gets used for everything else! haha ;)

  3. Anonymous

    in this case, i have to agree to duck tape.. the guy isn’t really standing up, is he? :)

  4. banpei

    Actually it used to be Duck tape from the start:

    Nowadays it is also being pushed as a brand on this side of the pond by Henkel as Duck Products, hence we call it Duck Tape. Just as many people name it Gaffer’s tape because Gaff also produces the same tape. ;)

    But what’s in the name anyway… :P

  5. Anonymous

    no doubt about it, the “Initial D” manga/anime/video game made the AE86 awesome

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