In a previous Car Guidance you were guided for the Nissan Skyline R31, so how about its sister car the Nissan Laurel Medialist?

This Laurel C32 Medialist basically is the same as the Skyline R31: it has got the same floorpan, the same hardtop (designer was the same guy), the same weird folding rear power windows, got the same RB20 engine (this C32 doesn’t have the twin cam head though) but is a bit more luxurious on the inside: it has a steering wheel with more buttons than on a modern car, the double DIN car stereo looks like it consumes more amps than a boombox, the digital dashboard mimics the Knight 2000. Compare that luxury to my two year older (plain) Carina!

Now if only I could get one here in Holland… :(
(btw: I do know one in Holland but it is not for sale…)