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DOTS: Miata hunting! (part 7)

Time to hunt some more Miatas! Or actually some MX5s! And to be more specific: only NAs (first model)!
Down on the Street: red Mazda MX5
Down on the Street: red Mazda MX5

I spotted this red MX5 next to the trafficlight when I was cycling to work. Not much to tell about except that it was driven by a blonde elderly woman.

The blue MX5 is a bit more interesting:
Down on the Street: blue Mazda MX5
Down on the Street: blue Mazda MX5

Since the owners have both motorcycles and presumably another daily driver this MX5 only sits on their driveway. Even though it looks hardly used it appeared to be in excellent condition. It also got an aftermarket exhaust, rims but the rest of it looked stock. Nice tourer though! :)

Now the silver one:
Down on the Street: silver Mazda MX5
Down on the Street: silver Mazda MX5

It is a lowered MX5 with some Rota Flights rims (Racing Hart CPF Tune R knock offs). Since I was driving I stopped the car next to the sidewalk and took the picture without looking through the finder, too bad I left the camera on manual focus and didn’t notice it at all.

Did come back a few days later but couldn’t find the car anymore… :(


  1. B-San

    Nice NA’s again.
    Liking the silver one, just needs a nice OEM lip and it’ll look superb.
    I’d swear the second one is a BRG tough. But could be that my eyes are just playin’ trick on me tough. =^_^=

    Love to see more NA spots in the future!

  2. banpei

    Even though I’m slightly colorblind I could swear the car is dark blue. Will take an additional picture later this week! :D

  3. B-San

    Don’t count on my color-recognizing-skills to much. I’m colorblind to, lol. It could be blue tough, but thats a very rare color on NA’s, most of them are British Racing Green, Classis Red or Mariner Blue. But you’re probably right.

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