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Event: Nostalgic 2 Days

Just spotted the upcoming Nostalgic 2 Days event this weekend in Yokohama on a minkara blog. It sure does look promising:

And in contrary of many western Nostalgic events not only the waxers are coming there, but also the tuners and zokushas will be present! Anyone wants to sponsor my last minute ticket? :P

You can find more information about this event here:
Nostalgic 2 days in Yokohama


  1. B-san

    Saw some photos of this event already on the interwebs. Look like a great event. God Rock Auto creations looks so good! :D

    Btw, what is that van at 1:16?

  2. banpei

    Nice! Any links to them? :P
    The van is a Mazda Bongo:
    About the most bonkers van design ever! :P

  3. B-San

    The van looks badass in that video. A bit like a amphibious verhicle.
    I got some photo’s waiting to be automaticly posted on my website but can’t find them so quickly. (Long story, got few hundred post waiting to be released automaticly at a certains time but can’t find it trough the mass of other posts). Also cant recall where I found them to be honest. Should become public today or tomorrow iirc.
    Will post the link here as soon as I see its come online. ^^

  4. B-San

    Talking about timing. Its just came online as I was typing that comment. Anyway here it is:

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