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WTF: Mercedes Stout pickup truck

Mercedes Stout? WTF? Yes, that was also my reaction when I read kyteler’s posting on retro-classics!
Mercedes (Toyota) Stout pickup truck
Mercedes (Toyota) Stout pickup truck

Personally I like the 60s look of the Toyota Stout truck, but this Mercedes face swap actually looks great as well!

For sale for only 980,000 yen (10,000 dollar!) on Goo-net:
Mercedes (Toyota) Stout on Goo-net


  1. B-San

    Wow! That looks brilliant!
    Shame I don’t have 900k Yen…

  2. Yazoku/Brad Hogan

    It looks like it should be in a anime or a sega game or something

  3. Nate

    SWEET ! I’d love to slap a OM617 Diesel in it and put that baby to work….

    Too bad I’m not rich .


  4. mariaakerry

    Wow it looks lovely car i have scene in my favorite cartoon show.

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