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Video: Nissan Skyline VC110 van

I did post some Skyline van videos before and all of them were by Deluxe1969. Now this video shows his own van: his Nissan Skyline VC110 van!

Beautiful, isn’t it?
The car itself is a G-16 powered Skyline deluxe, so double barrel carburettor and 100hp on the tap. I have no idea what the thing on the roof is, but IMO it looks like an ex-ambulance…

You can also see it in action in this video:

Now I want one too! Anyone who wants to buy a kidney? ;)


  1. deluxe1969

    i got a new ID.

  2. banpei

    Thanks! :)
    Just subscribed and added you as a friend!
    I already see some very interesting videos! :)

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