Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Hilarious: do a dry run in your AE86

We all did it once: doing a dry drift run. I did it as well: try out that heel-to-toe technique when standing still. Do a clutch kick without the risk of damaging your clutch. Do a quick up- and downshift without the chance hearing of grinding teeth from your gearbox. A very effective and safe way of learning to know your car.

But what if you are actually on a circuit and have blown your engine to bits and still want to enjoy your car? Well, you make videos like this:

I must say this guy is quite good in mimicking the 16v 4AGE and the T50 gearshifts! It kind of reminded me of this guy imitating an “import car” with his mouth. Maybe he watched Initial D a bit too much? :P


  1. B-San

    Hahahaha… My longs hurt from laughing so loud. =D
    Crazy Japanese!

  2. banpei

    Had the same trouble when I found this video… It still hurts! :D

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