Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Contest: we have a winner!

For those who did not send me the correct answer or did not know the answer at all: the nickname of the Honda City Turbo was the bulldog:

Apparently this time the contest wasn’t too difficult: I did receive four correct answers in total! :)

This morning I picked a winner:
I drew a winner from my sons cap
I drew a winner from my sons cap

Contest winner: Devil/Kazu!
Contest winner: Devil/Kazu!

So congratulations to Devil/Kazu! Merry Sint Nicolaas! ;)
The NFS game will be sent your way asap!


  1. fury-s12

    awe i cant even win something when theres only 4 people in it lol

  2. Devil/Kazu

    YAY….thz dude…haha

  3. banpei

    There is always a next time… ;)
    Probably going to have another one next month.

  4. B-San

    Fury-S12, join the club =]

    And gratz to the winner.

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