At first I didn’t really understand what the Celica and drifting had to do with milk at all, but when they showed the punchline it was clear to me!

They show you how you drive when the windows of your car are covered with metal sheets and think can be compared to a fully blinded milk carton. Well I don’t know what they normally do with their milk cartons, but I always feel how much milk is left. ;)

So what’s left of the comparison between the milk carton and the (blinded) Toyota Celica? Something you can feel as well? :P

I do think the Celica used is real: it has got too many details! Take for instance the pizzacutter rims: they are not Celica A40 rims so they had to be added later on. The interior of the celica is also too detailed and if you look at 0:14 you can see the tape used to hold the “metal sheets” between the window and the sheets. So probably the CGI characters and bouncing tires are added later on…

And they have another commercial as well:

So, a screw cap is better than plunging open the carton?

BTW: it is nice to see those marketing guys use nostalgic Japanese cars for their advertising! :)