Nissan Grandrive test circuit

November 7, 2009 in Nissan by banpei

Last week I wrote about the Nissan brochure from 1965. I mentioned the test track at the Oppama plant (????) in Yokosuka. I was a bit curious about it and tried to find pictures and videos of the track.

I did find two videos on Youtube. The first one is a video by Nissan to promote the track:

It mentions everything about the track and shows all different testing methods by Nissan. You can see the V35 Skyline being tested on the track. A bit of a shame the GT-R wasn’t available yet when this video was made…

The other video is one of a touringcar driving the track:

It is about the dullest touringcar ride I’ve ever seen! The driver must have thought that driving a bus on a circuit in the rain is very dangerous and kept himself to a maximum of 30 km/h! Ah well, at least you can enjoy the view this way. 😉