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Laps around the amazing Nissan Grandrive proving grounds

Last week I wrote about the Nissan brochure from 1965. I mentioned the Nissan Grandrive proving ground at the Oppama plant (????) in Yokosuka. I was a bit curious about it and tried to find pictures and videos of the track.

I did find two videos on Youtube. The first one is a video by Nissan to promote the Grandrive track.

Grandpa speed with a Nissan executive

The first video is a slow drive in a, I think Nissan Elgrand, around the track with one of the Nissan executives.

Edit 2021: Originally this post featured a video from before the Nissan Skyline R35 existed. This video disappeared and I’ve updated the post with a new one!

Nissan Grandrive under 4 minutes in a GT-R!

There is also a video about the 2013 Nissan GT-R R35 performing a lap on the proving ground under an impressive 4 minutes!

Taking the bus around Nissan Grandrive

The other video is one of a touringcar driving the track:

It is about the dullest touring car ride I’ve ever seen! The driver must have thought that driving a bus on a circuit in the rain is very dangerous and kept himself to a maximum of 30 km/h! Ah well, at least you can enjoy the view this way better than in that speedy R35 drive!


  1. B-San

    Looks like a really nice test track. Is this one fully owned by Nissan or is it a public owned track?

  2. banpei

    It is private test track, however it is not off limits. Nissan uses it for product demonstrations as well, like this Nissan Leaf test drive:

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