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WTF: Masato Kawabata’s cornering

When I saw this video the first time I thought the video was about Masato Kawabata’s 180SX RPS13 spinning while initiating the drift. But then all of a sudden the WTF!? moment was there!

Amazing cornering abilities! ?(´?`)/
Masato Kawabata ddi this in the fourth round of the D1GP in Okayama where he received the full 100 points from all judges!

Found at:


  1. junior

    are you sure this was not accidentally? because i saw a rally lancer evolution (VI?) doing a very dangerous/risky/unbelievable drift into a hairpin and the driver said after that, he was trying to save the front of the car from the crash but he didnt crash the rear (very lucky) he was expecting the crash, but just got luck, what about this guy? he do that very often?

    greetings man! nice material!

  2. banpei

    I just found another video of Kawabata at that event:

    From a different angle you can see he is doing just a tiny bit more than the 90 degree drift, maybe 110 to 120 degrees drift. So it isn’t as dramatic as shown in the first video!

  3. banpei

    And found another one of Kawabata doing a similar thing in 2007:

    Not as much angle as the one in Okayama, but it is very similar.
    Found at:

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