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DOTS: Nissan Sunny Coupe B12

This Nissan Sunny Coupe B12 is mostly parked near my house. I spotted it several times and even though it doesn’t look like it moves regularly: it move every day!
Nissan Sunny coupe B12
Nissan Sunny coupe B12

The car is owned by, presumably, a window cleaner. His ladders are always mounted on top of the roof (never seen it without them) and in the trunk there are things like buckets and stuff.

Nissan Sunny coupe B12
Nissan Sunny coupe B12

Looking at the styling the car already went out of fashion in 1988, but as we know its 100nx predecessor became available in 1991.

The Sunny Coupe is a 1990 model. It is very near the Toyota Levin AE86 with styling and a lot of people confused it with that car. It features the GA16i 1.6 liter and produces 92hp.

Nissan Sunny coupe B12
Nissan Sunny coupe B12


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