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AE86 Crash test

Cannabolic (user on AEU86) found this video on Youtube showing a sideways impact on a Toyota AE86:

It is a bit hard to see, but the car is a LHD zenki Trueno 2 door coupe. I assume that it is a USDM Corolla SR5 since it has black bumpers. Not much is left of the position the driver is supposed to be in, so side impact on this speed is not recommendable! What did I drive up to two years ago? A silver 4AGE converted US SR5 2 door coupe! Damn! That’s exactly the same car!

What about its source? Maybe it was a promotion video for OMP roll cages? More likely it is an original 80s US crash test before the car is allowed to be sold on the market? That leave us the question why a sideways impact on high speed is part of this test?

Of course: they could also have wanted to find out if the car was safe enough for its main purpose 20 years later: going sideways! Clearly going that way leaves a lot less crushable area than going in a straight line. ;)


  1. asuka

    thanks for this video

  2. Anonymous

    I can tell you that it’s not a US government test to see if the car is allowed on the market, just because i know they didn’t do a test like this. I think it’s more of one of those “OMG look what happens when you’re unsafe!!!11!” things, like the episode of 5th gear where they crash test a rebuilt car to show that they kill you.

    anyways it’s pretty scary, the link is dead now but i’ve watched it

  3. banpei

    Ah, that’s different that the modern EU regulations then! Here it is only allowed to sell cars that actually have been test proved by the EuroNCAP! :o
    Thanks for the dead link warning. I’ll see if I can find that video again!

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