I love the sight of an old P6 Starlet: both the bugeye and the facelifted version. One of my previous neighbors (an old guy) owned a white five door KP61 which he bought originally in 1982. I asked him if I could buy it from him whenever he wanted to part from it. He told me he would never do such a thing! So, that was exit Starlet, welcome Carina. :D

Anyway, I found this great video of the Starlet Grand Cup in Japan in 1994:

Here in Holland we also had a Starlet Cup in the 80s, but unfortunately that was the P7 Starlet Cup. I didn’t know they were still racing those 4K engined RWD Starlets in the 90s! Funny to see those Starlet with the N2 fenders and TRD decals driving like small go karts! Damn, now I want one too! :)