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Minivan stoppie

Some months ago I read in an article by Mike Garrett on Speedhunters about minivans doing stoppies to entertain the crowd between the D1SL runs. I did find an excellent movie of someone trying to do the same:

Great! Now let’s learn from that: dismount the shocks on your minivan and drive faster than the allowed speed in your suburban area, pump the brakes to strengthen the effect during the recoil of the springs and voila: a stoppie! :D


  1. Fabio

    Yes… minivan stoppies are cool. And a worldwide phenomenon, as you can see in the linked Youtube video, filmed here in Brazil.

    This one is even more impressive, as the driver builds more speed and does it in a narrow street with lots of onlookers.

    Hope you like it! And keep up the great work in the blog!

  2. banpei

    Thanks for the complement and video! :)
    That’s even an more amazing stoppie!

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