I found this funny video from Dreamcar Club featuring anime painted cars. Not that anime painted cars are particularly humorous, but rather their owners: each one of them really looks like the guy from Densha Otoko. For people who did not watch the movie or series: he’s a real otaku and you can find an a picture of Densha Otoko here.

As you probably have seen most of the cars on this meeting are sportscars: Nissan Silvias (S14/S15), Nissan Skylines, etc. Apparently those otaku have lots of cash to spend upon cars and vinyl decals! Must be different than auto otaku who spend their cash upon upgrades, tires and gas!

The cars of the interviewed persons are all rear wheel drive: the yellow Nissan Silvia S15, the white Toyota Comfort taxi and the white Toyota Mark II GX81. With their powers combined they could become: Dorifuto Otoko! (insert echo here!)