Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Go!Go! Daijiro 3 DVD box

I’ve become quite a fan of Daijiro Inada over the past years and now I see this DVD box has become available from Video Option lately:

I really want this DVD set! Surely looks like hours and hours of fun! :)
I also spotted him visiting the workshop of Daisuke Shouten and finally we can see all his series of rides in historical cars like the older Skylines, Silvias, Levin/Trueno, etc.

Now if only the Yen would drop a bit I would be able to order this…


  1. KoguchiPower

    Does anyone know what car it is at 2:30? Its looks some kind of Mitsuoka but i dont remember them making this. Or maybe its some kinda conversion for a Nissan March/Micra (If you look at the roofline from the side). Who know more about this car???

  2. banpei

    Mitsuoka was the first thing I thought of as well. But they didn’t make such a car so far, not even as a concept…
    Second thing I thought of was the Morgan Life Car, but that is not this wild looking.
    So my guess would be either a heavily modified Mitsuoka or Morgan, or a one off special inspired on the Morgan Life Car…

  3. Car Workshop

    This is an interesting take on the concept. I never thought of it that way. I came across this site recently which I think will be of great use www . Check it out! Big thanks for keeping me entertained.

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