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Signed up for

I decided to sign up for because some people make their car profiles not publicly available.

It took me 4 days to sign up, and that was not only because of the languagebarrier… Apparently first my spamfilter on the mailserver was blocking the signup email. Then my virusscanner blocked it and in the end the spamfiler of Thunderbird thought it was spam. The main problem was that I was only allowed to resend activation emails once a day… :(

Anyway, I’ve signed up an this is my profile:
Banpei’s profile on

It’s still a bit empty, but I think I’ll try to fill it up. ;)

Oh, and a small detail: I had to sign up and tell from which prefecture I’m from… First one to guess right will receive one out of two last vintage AEU86 sticker I found some time ago! :P
AEU86 sticker

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