After last week’s hilarious entry of Fancy I have another one: the Goombay Dance Band.

The Gumbay Dance Band is a German Boney M spin off which best can be described as German Schlager music combined with Jamaican goombay music.

Just look at this fantastic clip:

The singer starts breathing fire, then starts singing Schlager and after a while just babbling some stuff (is that supposed to be the predecessor of rap???). He has a really nice, ahum, open shirt and with his golden curly hair he really looks like he is from Jamaica. ;)

It gets really hilarious when they start limbo dancing: those children doing limbo are crawling on the floor: that’s no limbo!! The male dancer sets the pole on fire and starts doing his limbo dance and eats the fire after passing the pole. What is this? A circus act?

Then we get a closeup of one of the woman dancers: scary!! She looks like a voodoo which!!

They still exist and still tour, so maybe you’re lucky and they will visit your town someday! Or you can just wait till 1:58 and write down their address and book them! :P

Another hilarious posting next week. :)